Germany Gambling Online

Like several other European countries, gambling was sanctioned by the state even in Germany. It is believed that poker game originated in Germany. Most people believe that the first casino opened for the public was in Germany in the year 1764. Despite its glorious past, gambling lost its popularity in Germany in the last century. Factors like centralisation of power, both the world wars and country's partition during cold war contributed to its diminishing popularity. Gambling suddenly became a rage in early part of year 2000. Although Germany has been divided into sixteen states, yet gambling is considered legal therein and is purely under state's control. Under state's monopoly, gambling has got a new lease of life in Germany.

German government receives significant tax from the citizens who desires to gamble. For protecting gambling interests of Germany, gambling online illegal in Germany and is forbidden under recent laws. However, this law faces constant challenges and is detrimental to Germany's gambling business. A new law passed on 1st January, 2008, declared all forms of gambling online as illegal. This ban prohibits playing casino games, online bingo, sports betting and also online lotteries. Under this law, government may ask the service providers of internet operating in Germany to block the access of customers to these gambling sites, and prevent the banks of Germany as of carrying on any transaction with these gambling companies.

These laws are meant for protecting the citizens of Germany from perils associated with this type of gaming, but in reality they try to protect the state run gambling industry. So, it is found that this law contravenes directly the existing EU legislation that allows specifically the online gambling and that forms basis of many legal challenges. The law had tremendous impact on the operations of Germany's gambling industry. European Commission now can force the EU member states so that they comply with the regulations laid therein.