The Latest Innovations in Online Casinos: 3D Technology

With 3D technology moving into our movie theaters and our homes, it was only a matter of time before it found its way online. Online casinos are the latest venue attracted by the promises of three dimensions, and some have already begun implementing 3D elements into their most popular games.

Making 3D Personal

One of the ways some casinos are introducing 3D technology is through the use of avatars. Players who sign up to play can design their own personal avatar. They can pick out hair color, build, eye color, and more to make their avatar truly personal. Then, they can use their avatar to explore the online casino. Avatars travel through the hallways of the casino, past the slot machines and craps tables, until the find the game they want to play. The avatar can even be incorporated inside some of the games, rolling dice, and handling chips as a real person would.

3D Games

There are even some games that are introducing three dimensional elements. Themed slots games can include clips from popular movies that are more realistic and lifelike in 3D. Graphics seem to emerge from the screen as players win real cash prizes and delight at the entertainment. While these games are in the introductory stages, the field is ripe for newer innovations as the technology develops. Soon, players may be able to handle virtual dice as they play online.

Three dimensional technology is only just beginning to appear in online casinos, but as the technology becomes more popular, players are bound to see it more and more often.