Using the Auto Play Option to Win More Money Online

Online gambling provides many options for players that land based casinos never dreamed of. Now, it's easier than ever for players to log in from home, play hundreds of games, and win thousands of dollars, all without even needing to sit at the computer. The auto play option in online slots games allows players to let the game play itself, while the player sits back and watches the money roll in.

How Auto Play Works

Players log into their slots games and choose the amount they want to wager on a given game. They can set a low bet amount such as a dollar or two in order to not lose too much money. They then choose the amount of money they are willing to lose and the amount they are hoping to win and put that in to the auto play parameters. The player then chooses the auto play option, and the game will continuously play without further input until the limits on one end or the other are reached.

Some Drawbacks

Not everyone will appreciate the auto play option. After all, it takes away a lot of the fun for players who enjoy making choices and winning bonus games in slots. They want to see the animations, the exciting graphics, and experience the full thrill of the game in real time. For these people, the auto play option defeats the purpose of the game. For others, though, it's a welcome innovation to the fast advancing world of slots.

The auto play option can be a great time saver for players who want a shot at huge winnings but don't have the time to invest pressing what amounts to a single button.